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This is me, my wife and two young children, enjoying a recent holiday together.

But like all good stories, the journey that got me here hasn't always been smooth or the journey I originally planned...

In early 2019 after 5 years as the MD of a multinational Executive Search Business, the unthinkable happened...

...I received a text message asking me to meet the other board members of the Executive Search Business (and ultimate business owner) off-site at a hotel. 

I knew straight away that I would be leaving that office for the last time and that serious change was about to happen.

In the irony of all ironies, the job search expert now found himself on the job market.

With two young children and a mortgage I had to move fast.

It was extremely scary, and at the time I didn't realise but this situation was about to change my life forever - for the good. 

But before I explain how my approach to that situation changed my life for the good, I want to share with you how I became the 'job search expert' and what led up to that unthinkable moment. 

This journey all started whilst I was running executive search businesses. I would meet very specific types of leadership candidates every single day: great people, proven experience, and great work ethic...but struggling to either understand what they wanted from their career or how to get it. 

Many had been on the job market a while; others had outgrown their network, and some were not up to speed with the importance or prevalence of LinkedIn or able to effectively sell themselves. 

Either way, they were struggling and the more stressed (and at times desperate) they got, the less likely they were to find success and fulfillment in their careers.

It was a savage situation. 

They were lost...and I wanted to help.

So in 2017 in my evenings I started coaching and mentoring these executives, to help them take control of their job search and give them the insights and feedback they so desperately needed.  They all wished they'd spoken to me so much sooner!

I shared the good stuff, the gold, the influencing techniques and all the personal feedback that the market wasn’t ever going to share with them...

...and very soon they started to improve interview hit rates, find clarity on their strengths - and secure themself a job!

It was awesome to watch. 


Running the day-to-day operations of a multimillion recruitment business meant that I was time-poor and could only help so many people with the career coaching, so to impact more people I established Executive Career Jump in early 2018 as a side business and published the very first online course on this site to deliver the knowledge and techniques senior jobseekers needed. 

The response to that first course was immense.  I never really expected it to be so popular and was surprised at both the impact of the work and how much I enjoyed it. 

But then I got THAT text message, and all of a sudden I was in the same situation as the people I was coaching or who were buying my online program. 

What was worse was my wife was affected too as she was FD of the group at the time.

Yes it was scary. Yes I felt lost. 

But I realised that this was the perfect time to 'walk the talk' of my Executive Career Jump methodology and to take action on the exact advice I gave others. 

So my wife and I implemented the Executive Career Jump formula ourselves, and within a very short time, we were building awesome connections, achieving our own clarity, and receiving numerous offers. It didn't just work, it was a positive, exciting experience. 

I realised I had to go all-in on Executive Career Jump and take it to the next level. 

So far my team and I have helped 100’s of people with their job search, delivered free content with millions of views, helped people start their own business or perform better at interviews, and built a community of leaders on the move. As well as talking at conferences and advising numerous companies on outplacement and candidate experience.

We are confidently going from strength to strength and I can't wait to see what the future holds! Will you be one of those job-seekers we help to successfully secure their next role? Don't wait to find out - join us now.

Meet The Team

Penny Delve

Hi, I'm Penny.  I am a qualified Business & Career coach who is passionate about wellbeing. The reality is that happy, healthy and motivated people get the most out of their life, their business and their career so I am very excited to be working with Andrew. I will be supporting the ECJ Community with coaching sessions focusing on interviews, presentations, CVs and LinkedIn optimisation but also developing and growing more community projects within ECJ. 

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Sarah Fitton

Hi, I’m Sarah.  I am a huge advocate for putting the “human” back into human resources and treating candidates with respect during the hiring process, so I am super excited to be supporting Andrew in his mission to end job search misery.  A qualified career counsellor, I will be supporting with coaching provision, but I will also be focusing on the ECJ community to optimise the member experience.

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Zoe MacAskill

Hi I'm Zoe and I facilitate the finance and assist with operational side of ECJ and am always on hand for all our Executive Career Jumpers queries! I am an experienced Chartered Accountant and Office Manager and have enjoyed working for some incredible businesses in the UK and Australia. Customer experience is a key priority for me and I like to give great service, one I would be proud to receive. When I'm not working, you will find me having adventures with my young children, and I have recently started the journey of learning to run, which has proved to be a real mind shift change for me.

Dee Parker

Hi, I’m Dee and work behind the scenes at ECJ on all things relating to the digital courses, marketing, podcast and website. I'm really proud to be supporting Andrew and the rest of the team in the mission to end job search misery around the world for so many people, and love creating fantastic online learning experiences for our members as well as growing such a thriving and wonderful online community of senior job seekers. Outside of work I love to spend time with my kids, having travel adventures (when possible!) and reading the next new book on self development!

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Designed for high-performers, leaders and top executives, our personal coaching programs provide you with the clarity, insight and ability to really focus and fast-track your career aspirations.  Work one-on-one with Andrew to develop a more strategic job search or career move plan.

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