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Start working with a leading career coach today and learn how to navigate the job search chaos with ease and confidence, and uncover the hidden job market, that you can  successfully secure your next exciting opportunity


Searching for your new role can be a stressful, disheartening and often brutal time.

The job boards, online CV and LinkedIn advice, recruitment consultants and headhunters all offer help but it's only a very small part in the puzzle and it's overwhelming knowing where to start.

The automated Applicant Tracking Systems that so many HR teams and recruiters use now in their hiring process can mean that you get lost in a black hole if your CV, social profiles and application documents aren't optimised to deal with them.


However, securing your next executive role doesn't have to be a stressful and overwhelming experience. 

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Free Video Training Series For Job Seekers

Executive Career Jump Club is the leading online coaching programme for executives looking to secure their next role

As a member you get access to the most comprehensive and insightful online training program for senior executives along with twice-monthly LIVE group coaching sessions hosted by Andrew MacAskill and you become part of an active and supportive community of like-minded professionals, leaders and executives.

You also have the option of adding in personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions or working directly with Andrew MacAskill on your job search strategy.

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What You Get

Executive Career Jump Club consists of 4 parts - comprehensive online learning and essential resources, live group coaching sessions, an active members community - and an optional addition of personal coaching.

Online Training For Job Seekers


Every week for 6 weeks, 30+ video tutorials and MP3 downloads along with 40+ templates and resources are delivered to your state-of-the-art online learning platform, taking you on a structured learning path and giving you access to every single resource you need to successfully secure a job in today's job search world. 

All content can also be accessed on your smart phone via our app.

Monthly Group Coaching


Every two weeks, Andrew goes LIVE in the group teaching a new strategy to help you sustain motivation and confidence. The focus is always getting you to move forward towards success.

He'll also answer your questions and coach your specific challenges. Andrew will keep you accountable, motivate you and always be in your corner. Your days of feeling 'stuck' and overwhelmed are over.

Personal Career Coaching


Job searching can be lonely, frustrating and leave you feeling like you are the only one in the world without a purpose. 

As a CJC member you get access to our exclusive online community of like-minded executives to offer you support, advice and networking opportunities.

Andrew is also often in the group offering guidance and motivation. 

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As an addition to the main Club offering, you can choose to add on monthly personal coaching sessions with a leading career coach matched specifically for your needs, or to work with Andrew MacAskill himself. 

Both of these additional options provide the most in-depth job search and transition support package for executives on the move - so that you can secure the right role with ease and confidence.

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Martin Holt, COO, Operations Director 

"The jobs market can be a miserable place to be. After a few months of taking a traditional approach to applying for jobs I realised I was getting nowhere.

I joined Andrew's ECJ offering and it was completely transformational. Andrew worked 1:1 with me to optimise my CV and LinkedIn profile and also showed me how to tap into the unadvertised job market.

Job searching ceased to be miserable and a little over two months after joining and following the "playbook" I landed a great job.

Absolutely no question in my mind that 3 months membership to ECJ is the best money have ever spent.

I'd highly recommend working with Andrew if you are seeking a new role.”

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Nicola Ede, Head of Portfolio

"From first contact Andrew was responsive, engaged, and helpful. He is both engaging and straight-talking - cutting through the swathes of corporate/recruitment rubbish.

His years in recruitment and headhunting make him very credible and knowledgeable, and his advice is sound. 

As a result of using Andrews service, I spent just two weeks out of work, and start back again this week with a great opportunity brought to me by the power of LinkedIn.

So, if you're in the job market of thinking of making a move to a new role, invest in making yourself as marketable as possible with Andrew's help.”

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David Simpson, BD Consultant

"If you are a senior job seeker and have had a change in employment circumstances for any reason then Andrew will understand what you are going through and will provide superb and tailored advice,

...but more importantly he will restore confidence levels and ensure you approach the job market with the absolute best version of you possible. 

I cannot recommend Andrew enough. He is undoubtedly the guy you need on your side to get your personal profile and mindset sorted for your next chapter in your career.

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Just Some Of The Essential Resources You Get Access To As A Member Of Executive Career Jump Club...

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Giving your CV an Edge

One of the most important marketing documents you will ever write. Learn how with our video tutorial and downloadable template.

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Optimising your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a huge opportunity for you to be found, so learn the secrets behind optimising your profile, showing up in searches and attracting demand.

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Defining your Go-To Market strategy

You must treat your job search as a project and define a Go-To Market strategy and system to work to. Use our checklist and workbook to get yours right.

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Approaching the right Headhunters

Get this part of your job search strategy right and you will have the top firms in the market working hard for you. Our video tutorial will show you how.

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Gain advantage with a positive Mindset

Successful job searches are built on great psychology. Learn the importance of authenticity, optimism and truth when embracing the opportunities.

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Using the power of Online Networking

Online Networking is a powerful way to make new connections. Learn how to approach the task of online networking in a professional and proactive way.

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Perform at your best at Interview

Interview research and preparation, and tips for telephone, HR and Board interviews - it's all here in this exhaustive module.

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Negotiation and Offer Management

You don't want a battle at Offer Stage that jeopardises your opportunity. Learn how to handle this stage of the process and get set up for success.

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Choose Your Membership Level

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£7 for 7-day trial,
then £49 per month


  • 30+ video tutorials and audio downloads along with 40+ templates and resources delivered over 6 weekly modules, to your state-of-the-art online learning platform
  • Smart phone app to access your online training and live group coaching on-the-go
  • Live group coaching and Q&A sessions hosted by Andrew MacAskill every two weeks
  • Exclusive members only online community
  • No contract, cancel any time
  • 7-day trial for £7



£199 per month


  • 30+ video tutorials and audio downloads along with 40+ templates and resources delivered over 6 weekly modules, to your state-of-the-art online learning platform
  • Smart phone app to access your online training and live group coaching on-the-go
  • Live group coaching and Q&A sessions hosted by Andrew MacAskill every two weeks
  • Exclusive members only online community
  • Online needs assessment to match you up with a dedicated career coach
  • Monthly 1-on-1 video call with your career coach to develop and action a personal job search strategy



£999 per month


  • Everything from Community membership PLUS: 
  • Weekly one on one personal career coaching sessions with Andrew MacAskill to help you get clarity, confidence and narrative in place
  • Direct WhatsApp and messenger support from Andrew MacAskill as required
  • Full review and rework of your CV
  • Your LinkedIn profile optimised and a content plan created
  • Personal branding strategy
  • Go-To-Market and networking planning
  • Industry introductions and advocacy
  • Video interview Bootcamp sessions including recordings of answers, real time feedback, refinement and preparation
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We Believe In This Program So Completely, That You Can Test-Drive the Community Level Membership With A 7-Day Trial
...For Just £7

The most common feedback we hear from our new Executive Career Jump Club members is "Why didn't I do this earlier?!"... we want to take away any hesitation you may have in becoming a member and offer you the opportunity to experience the Community membership level in full, for 7 days at just £7. 

We don't want you to waste time in your job search, only to join us months later when you're at your most disheartened and stressed out. This is why we put our 7-day trial in place. 

If in the 7-day period, you don't feel Executive Career Jump Club is for you, then simply cancel your membership - no hard feelings :) 

However if you are enjoying the content and getting value from the coaching and resources, then don't do anything, and your full membership fee of £49 will be taken automatically. This low-cost monthly fee will then be taken each month until you cancel - which you can do anytime. There are no minimum contract terms or any other hidden costs. 

Our hope for you is that you are a member for the shortest amount of time possible - because we helped you secure the role you wanted!

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Victor Nieto,
Vice President of Envista Holdings Corporation

"When you are looking for a new challenge, you need stamina, determination, resilience and a strong will. But above all you need a great career coach and a bullet-proof playbook to land your dream job. I am a very process oriented person. I need structure.

Andrew's playbook is one of the best I've seen. On top, he has great charisma, a fantastic sense of humour and a very strong network in the job recruitment arena. Whether you are in middle management or at executive level, I'd say you need a professional in the field to bounce things off during your job search journey.

Andrew's career coaching will help you create a strong personal brand, nail down exactly what you're good at and will train you once and again in how to sell yourself better during interviews. His playbook is solid and it delivers!

Thank you Andrew for making my job search journey and incredible one!"

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James Blower,
Interim Director of Savings

I wanted to be sure I was completely on top of my game and not missing anything in my job search, so I signed up with Andrew for some 1:1 help and then this Executive Career Jump club. I'm often told by industry peers that I am 'good at LinkedIn' but Andrew was able to help significantly improve my profile (to become top 3 on the search terms I'd want to be found by recruiters for) and give some valuable tips on posting to tailor my approach.

Specifically, as a result of following a particular approach introduced by Andrew, in an Executive Career Jump Club group call, I secured an interim contract.

By following his tips on posting on LinkedIn, my posts regularly reach several thousand users and these have resulted in direct approaches from people within my industry, who I did not know previously, who wish to work with me in the future. I now have new valuable connections I would not have found myself, paid consultancy work, and a pipeline of further work. Andrew's advice gets results.

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Seema Sangar, Commercial Finance Director

"If you are looking to transition into a new role or if you just want some coaching to help you elevate your career then I would definitely recommend Andrew and the ECJ group.

Andrew takes time to get to know you as a person and works with you to define your skills and experience and guides you through the increasingly challenging job market. Above all he really helps you develop your confidence and realise your true potential as a candidate.

He is engaging and extremely insightful and when you work with him you definitely feel like he is constantly with you and supporting you on your journey.

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Paul Inett, Commercial Director of Woodlands Generators

"I was mid-way through my garden leave and Covid had first appeared, resulting in several promising job opportunities suddenly "evaporating" and then there was ZERO activity with recruiters. I joined the club, thinking it was cost effective and couldn't hurt . It turns out that there is a lot to learn... In the middle of a Pandemic I attracted in a new role using methods I learned from Andrew.

Andrew is easy to work with and learn from and one of the very best at what he does. If you are looking for a new role, need to express the best version of yourself and learn a process which will exponentially improve your results then connect with Andrew and join the club.  Best investment I made this year!”

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Sharleen Hoyte CGMA, BSC (Hons), Senior Finance Leader

"Andrew is a true master at what he does, his passion and years of experience in this field definitely show in the value he provides.

You don’t need to speak to him for long before he ‘gets you’ and understands how to help you ‘get out of your own way’ to realise your career aspirations. His playbook ensures you show up at your best, focus on your purpose, values and what you want to be known for.

Andrew is personable, straight-talking and has created and Exec Career Jump community where sharing and supporting is the norm and where lasting connections are created."

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