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While job searching changed in line with the evolution of social media, AI and technology... 

...something strange happened with outplacement and career coaching services.

Or better put - nothing happened.

It's stayed the same. Old school, expensive and tired. 

Significant effects of redundancy

We've seen thousands go through it. 

We've been there ourselves.

Which is why we decided to solve it.


The Executive Career Jump Digital Outplacement Portal

Digital Outplacement Service

Based on years of data and research into why some people win and succeed getting a new role quickly - and equally why plenty of really talented people don't, this brand-new service combines engaging digital learning and powerful in-person training. 

Online Training For Job Seekers


  • 30 Online Video Modules
  • 40 Workbooks and Templates
  • Smartphone App
  • Learn at your own pace
  • 3-10 minute knowledge bites
  • Activity Scorecard
Personal Career Coaching


  • In-Person Workshops
  • Community groups
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Live webinars
  • Clarity and gamification
  • Solidarity and connection

The program is run by two of the UK's leading career coaches...

Career Coach Andrew MacAskill
Founder of Executive Career Jump, social media expert, 15 years recruitment and executive search leadership and expert interview coach, Andrew helps people take control and perform at their best during their job search.
Laurent has spent the last decade coaching executives at all levels to understand their potential, their values and their preferred direction and is an expert at helping people find clarity during periods of transition and change.
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Terry Caldicott

"Andrew, thanks for coming back to me and with such a definitive answer. My previous employer paid LHH Penna to give me transitional support and it was not a patch on what you were offering. Well done."

The Top Ten Reasons Outplacement Is Important For Both Businesses And Candidates

top ten business outplacement

The 10 reasons Outplacement through Career Jump is important for Businesses:

  1. Improves the mental well being of those laid off and those who remain
  2. Improves internal morale and engagement = higher productivity
  3. Vitally protects your employer brand
  4. Allows access to the hidden job markets for candidates
  5. It helps avoid the redundancy desperation spiral for job seekers
  6. Its relevant and up to date 
  7. The templates and video content is accessible anytime and anywhere
  8. It creates connection, community and solidarity between the job seekers
  9. Outplacement typically halves the time to new employment
  10. Saves money when compared to typical outplacement solutions
candidate outplacement top ten

The 10 reasons Outplacement through Career Jump is great for Candidates:

  1. Teaches how to use your business skills on your job search
  2. Provides actionable Insights and Tactics
  3. Best in class templates, checklists and downloads
  4. Teaches knowledge to access the hidden job markets 
  5. Makes sure you perform at your very best at interview
  6. Is relevant, digital and up to date
  7. Accessible anytime and anywhere with a dedicated smart-phone app
  8. You become part of a community which helps for positive mental health
  9. Outplacement typically halves the time to new employment
  10. Saves money when compared to typical outplacement solutions

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