Premium Career Coaching Package

Our premium offer combines the online course with personal coaching to guide you to your goals.

Its the best value package for those serious about taking their career searching activities up a notch and includes an additional 60 minutes free coaching.

We will provide you with clarity, insights and the ability to take back control of your job search and uncover the hidden job market.

It’s the first of its kind. 

This personal coaching piece includes two 1:1 sessions with the Founder - Andrew MacAskill. The sessions focus on


  • Getting full clarity on your aims and strategy
  • Specifically tailoring your CV
  • Specifically tailoring your linked Profile in detail
  • Working through any specific blockers or previous feedback
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Getting personal Narrative and approach right for interviews
  • Amplifying your personal brand
  • And much more

This course offers a guided experience and someone to hold you accountable to your actions. Some choose to participate in the online course in the first instance (click here for more information), and refer back later for additional input if they still feel it’s required. 

I created this course for executives with aspirations. But I only want  to work with serious people, who want my help and are ready with an appetite to change and learn.

So, is that you? 


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