Online Executive Job Search Mastery Program

Only 15% of the senior job market is visible.

This is the course that will offer you clarity, insights and the ability to get back in control of your job search and uncover the hidden job market.

It’s the first of its kind.

And it is all online in this platform ready for you to access anytime and anywhere with the team here as your virtual mentors.

This is a course for ambitious executives looking to make a career jump into a desired role and start a new mission.

We want you to have a Professional and Active Career Transition......we call it a P.A.C.T.

The key word is active.

Once enrolled in this course you will no longer feel passive in your job search.  You will be proactive, deliberate and in control.

Once subscribed you will have access to over 40 templates and hours of videos built on thousands of hours of research and experience.

Each video closes with what we call "The Edge".  This is typically a left-field and surprising tip that will make you seriously well informed and keep you briefed for success.

We want you to have the edge in securing your own Career Jump.

David an experienced CMO described the content as:

"Powerful, dynamic and action oriented.  I had a sense that with you in my corner that I couldn’t fail, you were championing me.”


Lets get started. 


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