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Welcome to The Career Jump Podcast: What You Can Expect From Season 1


Andrew MacAskill is the founder of Executive Career Jump, having previously spent over fifteen years working all over the world in the executive search business industry. Executive Career Jump was founded with the main aim of giving executives the inside track in their job searching activities. 

Off the back of Executive Career Jump, The Executive Career Jump Podcast has been created to help even more leaders on the move secure new work with clarity and confidence, with ultimately, the big goal being to help 250,000 leaders in the next five years find new work. Over the series, Andrew talks to experts in the field, racking their brains and gaining insight, tips, and tricks to help make your job search successful. 

In this first episode, Andrew covers the nine essential skills that every executive job seeker needs to master, covering topics such as getting control of the ego, multi stakeholder interviewing, leveraging LinkedIn, and treating the interviews as a two-way process.

Links that Andrew mentions: 

Executive Career Jump:

The 9 Essential Skills Every Executive Job Seeker Needs to Master


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