The Accidental Entrepreneur


In this episode, I’m joined by Maddie Alexander Grout, who, having worked in the headhunting and recruitment world for over a decade will be sharing plenty of insights for the job seeking community on that front.She has also gone through a number of business ownership faces, is very, very active on LinkedIn and champions being a mum.

After graduating from university, Maddy began working as a Training Advisor for British Gas, before moving back down South and falling into recruitment, with it being the only industry she felt she could put her sales skills to use without selling anything! After working for one company for five years, she spent the next few years job hopping, eventually setting up her own recruitment company before moving back into internal recruitment. Since starting a family she has set up a number of successful businesses including my VIP card, which has won 14 awards in the last 2.5 years and having just gone nationwide, has the potential to be worldwide in the next six months.  

In this episode Maddy talks openly about her mental health struggles, her passion for helping others and recently franchising out her business. We discuss the balance of work and family as well as touching on her time as a recruiter, including what differentiated those who were successful at interview and the importance of being yourself with a recruiter or potential client. 

Maddy is inspirational in her attitude and honesty and listening to her describe her journey is sure to stir some entrepreneurial brains, as well as provide some solid advice for jobseekers attending interviews. 

Links that Maddy mentions…

My VIP Card

The E Myth by Michael E Gerber

The Reluctant Adult by Katie Kirby

Turning on Your Profits Tap by Steve Jones


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