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Why We Need To Build Neurodiverse Cultures



Welcome to Episode Sixty Six (Season Four) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast with your host, Andrew MacAskill!

This week’s podcast features Neal Mankey, a Director for the Healthcare Practice at Veredus, and recently part of the Capita project team who worked with the NHS on the COVID-19 Bring back Staff Campaign. 

In 2020 Neal by chance was watching the ‘One Show’ and a guest with ADHD triggered him to explore his own issues and was as a subsequence diagnosed with ADHD combined with a major depressive disorder which has been with him most of his professional life. 

In this episode, we hear how Neal has completely transformed his life after receiving his diagnosis and choosing to ‘live with it’ rather than fight against it.  We hear how he has taken his career to another level and also thrown himself into charity work to help people with ADHD and neurodiverse conditions. Part of this role has seen him involved in educating major Corporates on the importance of building neurodiverse cultures that are inclusive.

This is a fascinating listen and one that could make a big difference to you if you or a team member are facing similar challenges. 


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