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If People Thrive, The Business Will Thrive



Welcome to Episode Sixty Four (Season Four) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast with your host, Andrew MacAskill!

Mark Adamoulas is a top performance coach and psychologist who strongly believes in having a work-life “blend” as opposed to balance.

The episode looks at culture, habits, and what a good leader looks like in terms of presence and empathy and how if your people thrive then your business will thrive. 

Having worked with some high-profile sporting teams such as Manchester United and Formula 1, he dispels some of the myths around what works when you're equating sports experience to business experience.   

He also shares his own redundancy experience and how it has given him the freedom to do what he wants to do and the skills that he feels have helped him along that journey.

Mark is currently helping businesses continue to grow their culture and people, develop their hybrid work model, and ensure they’ve got the right strategies in place to deal with the uncertainties ahead, as well as working as an executive coach and supporting leadership development programmes across a number of organisations.


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