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How Can You Build More Courage?



Welcome to Episode Sixty (Season Four) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast with your host, Andrew MacAskill!

Our guest in the hot seat today is Cheryl Thompson. 

Cheryl is a ‘Courage Coach’ and we all need more courage to battle back the internal critic, the imposter syndrome, and to be able to step through the fear.

In this episode, we cover some fantastic stuff around her own career journey, how leadership intervention really matters and some of the challenges she has faced.  Her journey and development have led her to now help other people break through boundaries within the business and personal space.

Cheryl is a courageous & fierce human-focused leader with a successful 20-year career within Financial Services behind her. She has an unwavering & unapologetic focus on empowering humans to be their true selves. 

She is a proud Yorkshire woman who as she puts it has no choice but to speak up!

In this episode you will discover:

  • Why human teams should be recruiting on character, not skills
  • How Imposter Syndrome can galvanise you 
  • Why you should be honest about your limitations, even as a Leader
  • Why it is important to create a safe space for you as a Leader


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