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Love What you Do ….. Find Your Crew




Welcome to Episode Fifty Eight  (Season Four) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast with your host, Andrew MacAskill!

Our guest in the hot seat today is Mhorag Doig, a leading career coach who is passionate about productivity and workplace wellness.

Mhorag currently heads up the team at the London Business School developing the Alumni Career Centre strategy to support their community of 47,000 Alumni with their continuous personal and professional development.

She is a trained Coach, a certified Belbin, and MHS Emotional Intelligence diagnostic facilitator, and acts as a mentor for female start-up founders in London, and in this episode shares her wealth of knowledge gained from her stellar HR career to date and is essential listening for both job seekers and start-up business owners alike. 

In this episode you will discover:

  • What a good “board of advisors” looks like
  • Why good career hygiene and tactics are vital at all stages of your career
  • Why tough love is important
  • What a tour of duty looks like outside of the armed forces!


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