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The Queen Of LinkedIn Shares Her Story And Some LinkedIn Gold



Welcome to Episode Fifty Seven (Season Three) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast with your host, Andrew MacAskill!

Our guest in the hot seat today is Lea Turner.

Lea crashed onto LinkedIn in October 2019 with no prior knowledge of the platform, but her vibrant, personable, and uplifting posts quickly drove countless leads and over 10,000 followers in her direction. She has gone on to grow a massive network of more than 100,000 people in under two years, and 18 months ago started her own LinkedIn training business which hit six figures within the first ten months. 

Lea now focuses her time on teaching others how to build their personal brands on LinkedIn and attract regular inbound leads for their businesses, while parenting her young son, and creating entertaining content across her various social channels.  

In this episode you will discover:

  • Why telling a story is essential when creating content
  • What makes a LinkedIn profile stand out
  • Why recommendations on your LinkedIn profile are so important
  • Great tips to avoid burnout when you working for yourself


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