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How To Work With A Purpose-Led Business That Reflects Your Values



Welcome to Episode Twenty (Season Two) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast! Today I am joined by Chris O’Connell who following a very successful career as a recruiter by day, now coaches leaders on how to build purpose-led businesses that perform.

Chris’s experience gives him a unique insight into what it takes for you to work with companies and bosses whose values reflect your own. This is a ‘must listen’ episode, full of top tips for any leader considering their next move, so go ahead, hit play, and dive in now! 

Things to listen out for:

  • The pros and cons of being employed versus doing your own thing
  • The importance of purpose within business
  • How mindset, mind frame, and objectives have changed
  • How to question employers before you work for them
  • How your ‘soft skills’ are actually your ‘hard skills’


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