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Future Proof Your Career by Building Your Personal Brand

Podcast Image Zoe Tuffs

In this episode I’m joined by Zoe Tuffs, Founder of leadership and career coaching business TimesTen, and also an expert in personal brands.

I wanted to speak to Zoe because at this time of worry and fear about recession and unemployment I feel we need to focus and talk about the positive strategies and actions we can take that will give us a competitive edge in the world of work and career.

Zoe spent 12 years working in the high octane world of automotive event management, traveling the world organising large events and conferences for brands like Toyota and Lexus, and after a 7-year break bringing up her young children, she jumped straight back in working on an event for Google HQ and continued for the next four years building a small events business to an award-winning global agency.

Part of Zoe’s role there was to really look after employee engagement and talent attraction and she found herself coaching throughout the entire time, so in 2018, took her qualification and founded TimesTen to help ambitious women connect with their strengths and sharpen their personal brands so they can really move forward in their careers.

In this episode, Zoe shares how she believes that your personal brand is your most valuable asset within your career and how it can really help to future proof it for you.

I loved talking to Zoe and got so much from her insights and clarity around this subject and if you want to find some inspiration and positivity about what you can do to level up your career during these uncertain times...then this episode is for you!

Links that Zoe mentions...

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Connect with Zoe on LinkedIn here:

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