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Job Search Tips And How To Secure A New Role In Tough And Very Challenging Times

Podcast Image Mark McMullen

In this episode, I’m joined by Mark McMullen, Commercial Director at Ecocleen Services - a leading cleaning solutions company based in Oxford. 

I’ve known Mark for about 18 months and wanted to get him on the show as he’s got such an interesting background and has had some good news in regards to securing a great new role recently. 

Mark’s been in leadership roles for over 20 years, predominantly in retail and hospitality and thrives on being in challenging roles that require a leader with both commercial and people skills to get special results. 

But most recently Mark’s had a period of job searching, in what has been a very tough job market in very challenging times, and it’s his experiences of this job search and ultimate success, along with loads of great job search tips, that we dive into in this revealing and honest episode. 

Links that Mark mentions...

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Dr Steven Convery:

The 50 Secrets of Self-Confidence by Richard Nugent:


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