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Culture, Mission and Finding People Centric Organisations That Get the Modern Way of Working

Podcast Graphic Laurent Bouvier

In this episode, I’m joined by an old colleague Laurent Bouvier, an executive coach currently working at The Zone. With Laurent’s experience and expertise, this episode will be of particular interest to executives that are on the move.

Laurent really cut his teeth in the telco industry, holding some very senior leadership roles, with probably the biggest telco in the world today. He then went on to scratch that entrepreneurial itch, having a couple of startups which proved to be good learnings, before becoming very much an executive coach that helps both businesses and individuals succeed.  During his work as an executive coach we collaborated whilst I was running an executive search business where Laurent became very much, in my view, the go to expert in the market in terms of helping newly placed leaders get up and running in their new roles.

Within this episode, Laurent talks about his current role at The Zone, where they are trying to bring humanity back into the organisation and the challenges that they are facing. He discusses how senior leadership can be a lonely place, and how best to approach a new job role, whilst giving an insight into the importance for a recruiter to not only assess a candidate as an individual, but also how they will fit in with the team and community. He touches upon the three most common mistakes that people make in terms of their career in general, as well as giving us an insight into his favourite books and what skills he is looking to develop. 

Links that Laurent mentions…

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor


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