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How to Make an Impact and Get Hired


In this episode, I’m joined by good friend and colleague Louis Cross, now Director at Collabz - an in-house talent company that helps small businesses play big in the talent market.

Louis has spent a decade in the recruitment industry, spending all of those years working for one company, but across six different positions, three distinctly different brands, and three different models, starting with an agency, moving to RPO and lastly in house. Each move has seen him start from the bottom and work his way up in that particular field, gaining insight into the good and bad elements of each sector and the hurdles encountered, enabling him to have a broad perspective of the industry itself. Taking everything he has learnt and, in his words, ‘mashing it all together in his own proposition’, Collabz was born. 

In our conversation, Louis touches on his decade in the industry,and the attributes he looks for when interviewing people to work for him or his clients, particularly discussing traits that perhaps are not always at the forefront of people's mind or interview preparation. He covers the best way to get in touch with a potential company or recruiter and why hiring feels like such a dysfunctional process to so many people. As always, CV’s and LinkedIn profiles are a hot topic of conversation, with Louis giving his thoughts and tips to make yours stand out.  

Louis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table in our conversation, and I love his openness to touch upon characteristics that he identifies as important in an interview that many may try to hide. For anyone looking to make an impact, this episode is definitely for you. 

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