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Executive Career Jump Club Membership: Concierge Level

For those that want a full placement service, providing the most in-depth job search coaching and transition support package for executives on the move. You'll work side-by-side with Andrew MacAskill to achieve a swift and favourable outcome, with weekly one-on-one coaching, joint execution of Go-To Market strategy, strengths and personality testing, proactive industry introductions, access to our online courses and more.

Join today and you will get:

✔︎ Weekly one on one personal career coaching sessions with Andrew MacAskill to help you get clarity, confidence and narrative in place

✔︎ Direct WhatsApp and messenger support from Andrew MacAskill as required

✔︎ Full review and rework of your CV

✔︎ Your LinkedIn profile optimised and a content plan created

✔︎ Personal branding strategy

✔︎ Go-To-Market and networking planning

✔︎ Industry introductions and advocacy

✔︎ Video interview Bootcamp sessions including recordings of answers, real time feedback, refinement and preparation

✔︎ Live group coaching sessions with Andrew MacAskill every two weeks via Zoom.

✔︎ Access to our industry-leading 6 module course that is drip-fed over 6 weeks (1x module per week) that includes 30 online tutorial videos and 40 world-class templates and work books. The first module is available immediately upon sign-up, the second module appears within 7 days, the third module within 14 days and so on. 

✔︎ Smart phone app to access your learning on the go.

✔︎ Exclusive member webinars.

✔︎ Exclusive access to a member's online group to network and collaborate with your peers.

✔︎ We'll keep in contact with the email you provide here on an ongoing basis unless you unsubscribe.

PLEASE NOTE: You pay £999 today and then again in 30 days and continuing on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel your membership. Membership can be cancelled any time. 

What People Are Saying:

Andrew is both engaging and straight talking - cutting though the swathes of corporate and recruitment rubbish. His years in recruitment and headhunting make him very credible and knowledgeable, and his advice is sound. As a result of using Andrew's service, I spent just two weeks out of work, and start back again this week with a great opportunity brought to me by the power of LinkedIn. So, if you're in the job market of thinking of making a move to a new role, invest in making yourself as marketable as possible with Andrew's help.

Nicola Ede