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Searching for a new role can be tough as the process is probably totally different to the last time you were on the job market.  In addition, 85% of the market opportunities are hidden. 

We met lots of stressed out executives who were unable to attract the right role and not getting the right results.  So, we decided to do something about it.

We have launched this course at Executive Career Jump to get the knowledge to those who need it and provide actionable and practical strategies to help attract your next opportunity and get you back to doing what you do best.

Yes it works.

But only for those who implement it properly! The methodology is rock solid and built on years of hiring industry research and experience.

The main benefits of joining Executive Career Jump are that you will gain clarity around how and why you should approach the job market and the confidence to perform at your best during each stage of an assessment and interview process.

In our online platform you will have lifetime access to over 30 videos and 30 templates which are arranged in to 3 sections:


This section gets your house in order and gets you ready to enter the job market.  You will find modules on mindset, CV’s and Linked In as well as help with understanding what you want from your next career jump.


This is the action section of the course where the hard work lies.  We cover off networking, social selling, applying to adverts, and every form of interviewing you could encounter to set you up for success in those big moments.


At the sharp end of the job search process, we guide you through negotiating, deciding between multiple offers and resigning with your legacy intact. 

There is also a bonus module on the first 90 days in the post and you will receive 3 free webinar invites in which we will take a deeper dive into core topics.

Yes there are a number of downloadable templates and each module comes with a workbook for you to print out and scribble notes on.

Key templates that are included are a best practice executive CV, Introduction and networking invites, scorecards and presentation formats.  

Absolutely.  About a third of our online members choose to undertake some face to face coaching to unblock barriers and stay accountable to implementing the learnings in the course.  We have a panel of coaching experts who can provide tailored and personal advice on any part of your thought process or job searching activity.

By becoming an Executive Career Jump Member you will qualify for free career advice webinars (chargeable to the public), access to a community of likeminded executive job seekers, the latest job market updates and various discounts off of additional coaching services.

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