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Making Moves

Career Jump exists to help top executives attract their next job opportunity.

We provide career coaching and virtual mentoring through online courses that give executives the inside track in their job searching activities.

We make sure you know what you want from your career and give you the strategy to go and get it. 

So how did this all come about?

I have been involved with scaling Executive Search and Recruitment Businesses globally for the best part of two decades. 

It's an awesome feeling placing people into new roles.

And you start to spot patterns and learn over time which types of candidates win and seem to perform to at their best at interview. 

Equally you meet plenty of really talented people who are not getting the jobs they seek.

Many have below par CV's, some are not leveraging tools like Linked In or their own network and plenty have blockers at interview. 

Our tips have helped countless executives secure new work and through 1000’s of interviews we have observed the habits of the leaders who get fixed up quickly and equally importantly those who don't.

It’s a great privilege to guide someone to attracting their next role and I always wanted to engage with more people on the topic.

However, we never had the platform to share all the vital insights, tactics and tools in a way that could educate a wider audience.

Until now.

Career Jump was launched online in 2018 to allow executives to establish their bearings and regain control of their job search.

You can access our videos, content and courses anytime, anywhere and take on the knowledge and advice at your own pace. 

About 30% of our members also opt for some personal one on one coaching to help with specific techniques.

Its affordable, practical and clear advice.

So don't go it alone. 

If you have the drive and humility we would love you to be a part of it. 


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