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I have always been very driven with a strong sense of self, and  am very empathetic and in tune with people's energy. Emotional intelligence comes naturally to me and I am gregarious by nature. I am a very intuitive person who is very passionate about transformation and self-development.

I spent over 16 years working in Financial Recruitment which was fantastic for me. I met some wonderful people, made some great money and eventually set up my own business. During my time in the City, I met with hundreds of international professionals, from various backgrounds many of whom opened up to me about other elements of their lives. Some were happy but some had lost their spark and motivation. After a while, I started to question my own career and life choices, always thinking, "when I am X age then I will start that Yoga class, look into that new hobby I always wanted to do, take a course so I can change my career", etc. I was always looking into the future and I was waiting. Waiting for the right time, the right age, the right amount of money in my bank account, the right age my kids would be or even dreaming if I won the lottery - then I would be ready! Any excuse apart from taking action there and then.

Then my brother sadly died. He was only 39 and this impacted my life enormously. It gave me the wake-up call to start truly living. I began investing in my health, my wellbeing and living a life that gave me joy and purpose. It is so easy to keep you head down and get stuck on auto pilot, becoming overwhelmed, over scheduled, stressed and fatigued by life, letting unhealthy habits take over and making excuses why you haven't lost that weight, changed jobs, started that business, got promoted, done more exercise, taken up that hobby, or questioned why you are so tired or don't sleep very well?

I was this same person but I became determined to take something positive out of this family tragedy and what should have been obvious was like a light bulb moment for me - we only have one body and one chance at life and I want to be flourishing!  I am now on a mission to help as many people as possible to stop surviving and start thriving!

I help people in three ways, to flourish in their business, their current role or in their career transition. My approach is very holistic and I use my extensive knowledge from recruitment, coaching, positive psychology and hypnotherapy to empower my clients to get the results they want. I am also DISC certified and use this profiling tool in the work I do.

Nothing makes me feel better than seeing my clients transform. Knowing I can make a difference to someone’s life and career is the most rewarding job.


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